All of the parrots Macaws, Toucans, Cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys, Ostrich, Eclectus, Conures  and other exotic parrot species of baby birds sold by us are of the highest quality, health and disposition. Due to a high demand of our baby birds, we offer a wide variety of highly socialized, abundance weaned, exotic birds to choose from, which will make a great addition to your lovely family.

Parrot Babies

All our lovely babies are bought from our partnered aviaries or quarantine facility directly into your home. Our parrots are hand-fed, socialized with other birds including house hold pets, stress and smoke free home environment, spoiled with lots of love, playtime and training, hence to become optimal family companions.


They are all extraordinarily friendly, sociable and affectionate pets. We provide full time effective training to all of our feathered kids (FIDS)  so that they learn the basic commands- Gentle, No, step up, and step down coupled with training for flight recall-to fly to your arm with a “come here” verbal command.

Bird Training

Most but not all, when put on a free standing perch, will often also know how to poop on a verbal command (typically bombs away).Hand fed baby parrots are our specialty and we ship birds to all 50 states in the USA and Internationally. We ensure that all of our adoptive parrot parents receive lifetime instructions and support for the continued training and proper care of their new parrot.